Ewell Downs News Bulletin – Nov 2021

With Christmas fast approaching, here is a roundup of what you could be interested in and what is up and coming!

Boundary Changes

Some of you may aware that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published a consultation document relating to the recommendations for changes to the wards comprising Epsom & Ewell Borough Council. The objective of the Commission is to deliver fair electoral arrangements by carrying out reviews to correct electoral imbalance. They do this by looking at the average number of electors per Councillor.

It appears that the consultation has a considerable impact on our area. Essentially, Ewell ward is proposed to be renamed Ewell Village and reduced to 2 councillors; Nonsuch ward stays at 3 but with an expanded area to embrace what was Ewell ward in the Ewell Downs patch. The roads proposed to be transferred to Nonsuch are: – Windmill Lane (Ewell side from Epsom Road to railway bridge), Windmill Avenue, Park Hill Road, Langton Avenue, Hampton Grove, St James Avenue, Beech Walk and Reigate Road (By-pass to bridge). If implemented, these switches would be in place before the 2023 Borough Council elections.   My concern is that all these roads feel themselves to be part of Ewell, and not Nonsuch, and therefore may not wish their allegiance to be changed.

As an Association we shall be challenging the consultation’s proposals and if you too have concerns, please look at the consultation and respond as you think fit. This needs to be done by 13 December. The link is  https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/27356. It would also be useful if you let us know what you think. It is important to keep our link with Ewell Village where many of us shop, eat and enjoy a coffee and losing that link would result in the loss of the Ewell Councillors at our committee meetings.

The map below shows the proposed new wards with the A24 as the boundary rather than the railway line.

We welcome comments on our draft recommendations by 13 December 2021. Representations should be made:

Get in touch

– Through our interactive consultation portal, where you can explore the maps of the recommendations and make comments;

– By email to reviews@lgbce.org.uk;

– By our mobile app https://lgbce.beezer.com;

– Or in writing to Review Officer (Epsom and Ewell), LGBCE, PO Box 133, Blyth, NE24 9FE.

The Chalk Pit

The retrospective planning application at the Chalk Pit is yet to be heard by the Surrey County Council planning committee.  The latest news is that this has again been moved from the 17 November planning agenda to that on 8 December. It is unclear as to why this has been moved. Both John Beckett (our SCC Councillor) and Steve McCormick (Resident Councillor for Epsom Town and Downs) will be speaking in opposition on behalf of the residents at this meeting.

This is what has been and is happening.

As far as noise is concerned, there is to be a meeting with the Environment Agency in the near future, so the level of noise is much lower than it has been. It is thought that this is due to the site being “managed” by the skip companies who are on their best behaviour prior to this meeting. This reduction in noise levels is unlikely to be permanent and they have been and continue to be carefully monitored by residents. It may be that CCTV and further official noise assessments are needed to clarify exactly who is responsible for the noise.

An all-agency meeting has been called for by residents and certain Councillors. It is anticipated that those present will be EEBC officers, SCC officers, Environment Agency officers as well as local Borough and County Councillors. It has also been suggested that the MP be present as he alone can hold the EA officers to account. There are several issues covering the whole site not just the planning application that will be heard by SCC planning committee and it was felt by getting all the right people in one room would be the best way forward. Obviously until that meeting has taken place, we will not know the outcome of actions, enforcement etc. It is hoped that this will take place very soon and subject to the location for the meeting that this will be open to a wider audience. There would be specific questions and perhaps the opportunity for others to ask their questions.

Furthermore, at a meeting of the SCC Highways Agency yesterday a question was raised by Steven McCormick (County Councillor for Epsom Town and Downs) on how the volume of skips is impacting on the CO2 emissions in the town and surrounding areas. A method to log HGV movements is available and will be shared with members.  John Beckett asked that the information, which is felt to be a material consideration, should be available to members of the planning committee prior to the December meeting.

In addition, Steve McCormick raised the question at Monday’s Local Committee asking what could be done about the increase in HGV traffic in the borough, but this was more directed to the Chalk Pit situation. SCC officers have taken that away and we are hoping that the question on Monday and the one raised yesterday will press home the issue.

A residents’ lorry count showed that there are around 400 skip and related vehicle movements every day.

This is the link to see the response to the issues by Epsom & Ewell Council: –


Please do what you can to keep the pressure up on the authorities to keep us all safe! Keep sending messages to the EA when you are impacted either by noise or vehicle movements and sign the petition when this is published.

For complaints about continued trommel and machinery noise and dust from the Chalk Pit, email “incident_communication_service@environment-agency.gov.uk

For complaints about noise nuisance from both the Chalk Pit Upper Rim and the Chalk Pit itself, email “chalkpit@epsom-ewell.gov.uk

Heritage Assets – action needed by 16 November!

This is a Local Listing project in Epsom and Ewell Borough which is underway for a period of six weeks ending at 5pm on 16 November. The project is being run by staff located in Surrey County Council, paid for by grant funding from central government. Residents are encouraged to take this rare opportunity to nominate structures and other features which they consider merit being locally listed. Apart from buildings and walls, the features which can be nominated cover a wide range, including old street furniture, such as benches and letter boxes. Also features such as old gravestones, landscape features, veteran trees, historic hedges and war time features such as old bunkers can be nominated. If there is a building or feature which is valued by the community and someone is in doubt as to whether to nominate it, it’s better to nominate and let the project team evaluate it against their published criteria, than not nominate it and look back later in disappointment that it wasn’t considered.

What about promoting the areas of Downs Farm that back onto Longdown Lanes North and South as an area of Special Scientific Interest with the skylarks and other fauna and flora present!!

Contact details for Surrey Local Heritage List Project 2021/22 – Local heritage list project – Surrey County Council (surreycc.gov.uk)

Coronavirus – COVID – 19 –the Government website is Coronavirus: how to stay safe and help prevent the spread – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)The link above shows the Government guidance and if you wish to remind yourselves of this ever-changing scenario, please visit this.

Infection rates – The coronavirus infection rate is higher than the national average in nine areas of Surrey. The infection rate for the whole county of Surrey is now 534.9 cases per 100,000 people. There were a total of 6399 positive tests across Surrey in the week ending October 24, which is 123 more cases than the previous week. The number of cases has risen in the county by 2 per cent.

The table below shows the infection rates for each area:

In case you are still waiting for your vaccination or booster this the link – https://www.nhs.uk/bookacoronavirusvaccination/doyouhaveannhsnumber

Waste and recycling – as most of you will know it is not now necessary to book a slot but remember the tip is still closed on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Planning issues

Links Road – although there does not yet appear to be a formal planning application, we have been advised of the emergence of a revised design and access statement for proposed houses in the area of open land between Links Road and Higher Green, which has been the subject of great concern and controversy in the past where planning applications have been refused, even after appeal. Although they may have reduced the plots from 4 to 3, the footprint of each of the 3, plus a gym butted up against 43 HG (possibly to convert to business use at some future time!)  gets back to shoe-horning in 3 large houses, totally out of character with surrounding properties.  This is what is proposed – we will obviously be looking into this further.

The Chalk Pit – (21/01758/CLP) Improvement of a 50-metre length of an existing road to a 4 metre width using SMA (stone mastic asphalt) road surfacing material on the Upper Rim, The Chalk Pit, College Road Epsom. This new application is being circulated among interested parties and we will let you know what action is taken in due course.

The toilet block on Epsom Downs – A troublesome public toilet site in Epsom Downs notorious for “severe sexual deviant behaviour” will be demolished. The toilets at Tattenham Corner, alongside Epsom Downs, have been closed since the first lockdown in March 2020. A meeting of the Epsom and Walton Downs Conservators voted to demolish the building on Monday night (November 8), with a commitment to look into replacing the toilets further down the line. The toilet block is still costing money, because people are still doing their business around the outside of the locked building which has to be cleaned, leading to costs for water, electricity and jet washing. Members were asked to consider four options for the site. These included demolishing it altogether, at a cost of around £36,000, demolishing the block and replacing at the nearby Tea Hut or Downs Keepers Hut at a cost of more than £100,000 or replacing it at the same site at a cost of £240,000.

Development Site at 107 – 111 East Street, Epsom – (21/01708/FUL) This new application reduces the previous one from 23 flats to 21 but it is thought that this is much the same as the previous application (20/00797/FUL) which was refused – demolition of the existing buildings and erection of part 3 storey, part 4 storey building comprising 23 residential flats (8 x 1 bedroom, 11 x 2 bedroom and 4 x 3 bedroom) with associated car and cycle parking and refuse storage – and the previous objections will remain.

Development Site at 24-28 West Street Epsom – (19/01021/FUL) an amended application has been received for 25 flats 8 storeys high instead of 13 storeys with commercial space on the ground floor. There are many objections to the amended plans, including those from Resident Associations and the Epsom Civic Society. This is now to be considered at the committee meeting on 9 December.

Priest Hill Sports Pavilion Reigate Road Ewell – (21/00028/FUL) – Construction of a new all-weather sports pitch including fencing, floodlighting and all other associated works. The Priest Hill Development aims to establish a center of football and sporting excellence, where first class facilities, coaching and support can nurture and inspire young people of all abilities. This is proposed by a partnership between Glyn School and Epsom & Ewell Colts Football Club. Do go to the planning application site to view photos and full information. Objections relate mainly to parking spaces, the floodlighting, and the speed of traffic on an already busy road – maybe a good reason for a speed camera to be included as part of the conditions. This application is awaiting a decision – no news yet.

North Looe Estate (170 Reigate Road)(19/01593/FUL) proposed change of use of the land and buildings for a Dog Day-care centre. Still no news!

Majestic Wine Warehouse East Street – (19/01409/REM) Application for variation of planning condition 1 of 05/00660/FUL to allow the sale of all types of comparison and convenience goods. This was discussed at the Planning Committee on 14 January and the application deferred to allow officers and the Applicant to have further discussions. The outcome is still awaited.

Free Christmas Parking

Parking will be free in Epsom & Ewell Borough Council shoppers car parks on Sundays 5/12/19 December. Council car parks in Ewell will offer free parking from 4pm on 3 December to support Ewell Yule. As more people than usual are expected to be travelling to visit loved ones this year, and they may not have access to residents parking zones, all council public car parks will offer free parking on Christmas Day

Yellow lines on East Street – the yellow line outside the shops by Kiln Lane has been repainted as it was before, therefore leaving cars parked and impeding the progress of traffic into Epsom given the filter into Kiln Lane. Coming up to Christmas that is going to cause horrendous tail backs.   Of course, the whole point of the exercise was to eliminate parking and keep traffic moving and we are hopeful that the intention is that sometime soon the yellow lines will be joined up to prevent parking there, as agreed.

Afghanistan Refuges – The proposal to take in Afghan families was debated at Council on the 30th September. Members wanted to take in families and assurances were given that the call had gone out for appropriate housing for larger families to house the refugees without using housing for the Borough’s existing homeless people. After an amendment the Council passed a motion to take in five Afghan families under the Government scheme. For the first four-year costs should all be covered by the Government. The refugees will be given ongoing support to assimilate into the UK.


EPSOM Remembrance

With restrictions around the pandemic easing, these are the events the council arranged:

  • Garden of Remembrance in Bourne Hall Park – From Wednesday 10 November 
    The small Garden of Remembrance will be in place for the month of November. It was opened by the Mayor, aided by local school children, on Wednesday 10 November at 11am.
    Members of the public are welcome to place crosses to remember loved ones that died in the service of their country.
  • Armistice Day Service –
    Epsom & Ewell Borough Council supports the tradition of a two-minute silence at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in memory of those who gave their lives for their country.
    A short service was held at the Clock Tower, Epsom. This service was attended by the Mayor and Councillors, Royal British Legion, 135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers, Surrey Police, various schools and representatives of different faiths. During this service, the national two-minute silence was observed.

 War Memorial wreath laying
Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 November
The Mayor will lay wreaths at the various war memorials across the Borough on behalf of residents.

Remembrance Day Concert – Sunday 14th November

The Epsom Playhouse will be hosting The Central Band of the Royal British Legion as they celebrate the centenary of the founding of The Royal British Legion in 1921.There will be music to celebrate Sir Captain Tom Moore, popular show and stage tunes, pop classics and favourites from the classical world. Tickets from £10.

Remembrance Day services Sunday 14th November

The various places of worship within the borough will be holding services – please check details locally. The Deputy Mayor will be attending the service and laying a wreath at St Martin’s, Epsom.

The Royal British Legion will be organising the traditional wreath laying at St Mary’s, Ewell. The Mayor will be attending and laying a wreath on behalf of the borough.

The Taste of The World Market in Epsom – Every 2nd Sunday of the month at Epsom’s marketplace from 9.30am – 3.30pm. The next Sunday market is on 14 November and the following one on 12 December. The market includes a selection of international street food to takeaway only. For more info see: https://www.facebook.com/TasteOfTheWorldMarket

The “Daddy of all Car Boot Sales” at Hook Road Arena in Epsom – Gigantic Car Parks! Food & drink & fun for kids every Sunday, weather and ground conditions permitting. The next one is Sunday 14 November. Always check www.hookcarbootsale.com/ first.

Antiques & Collectables Fair at Epsom Downs Racecourse – Tuesday 16 November – opens 9 am. The Epsom Fairs have up to 200 stands both inside and outside. The inside stands are all on the ground floor in one large exhibition hall with easy access for loading. They are attended by both trade & private buyers in huge numbers. There are facilities for disabled access, and free parking which can accommodate 1000 vehicles.

The #Epsom REPAIR CAFÉ @RepairCafe_E #MendingInTheCommunitySaturday 20th November
Scout HQ, Epsom Methodist Church

Don’t bin it – Repair It. The Epsom Community Repair Café – 3rd Saturday of the month 2 to 5pm


Since Saturday 16th January 2021 Epsom Repair Café has joined 1,800 repair cafés across the EU and UK! Bring along your broken household item for assessment and if we are able to, repair! Our expert volunteer repairers work in a relaxed café environment. We open on the 3rd Saturday of the month between 2pm-5pm. Advance booking is essential.
In some cases we are able to offer a chat with repairers via Zoom or telephone before your visit.

 For booking Info and Costs please visit https://www.epsomrepaircafe.org/index.html

Future dates Saturday 18 December and Saturday 15 January

Music@StMartin’s – The Oxbridge Organ Duo – Saturday 20th November 4:30pm

The church’s fine pipe organ will be played in tandem by the dynamic Oxbridge Organ Duo, aka Julian Collins and Benedict Lewis-Smith.  Video screens will let the audience see the pair at the keyboard of the recently refurbished Norman and Beard instrument as they put it through its paces. There’s a rich variety of music written both specifically for organ duet and arrangements of famous works spanning the centuries.  Music by Thomas Tomkins, Samuel Wesley, Stravinsky and 21st century Dutch composer Ad Wammes are on the menu.

Admission to the concert is FREE, however we rely on audiences donating a minimum of £10 to help. 

Epsom Antique & Brocante Street Market – SUNDAY 21st November 2021 – 10am to 4pm

Epsom Clock Tower Market Place – A market full of surprises – antiques – vintage – flea market

Paco’s Fundraising Dinner – in aid of Epsom Medical Equipment Fund – Wednesday 24th November 7pm at The Famous Green Man, Ewell

We will be holding our next fundraising dinner at The Famous Green Man, High Street, Ewell on 24th November at 7pm. 
The menu will consist of:

Starters: choose any two per person: Patatas Braves (slightly spicy); Patron Peppers (Russian roulette peppers), Tortilla (potato omelette); Ham croquettes; Main Course:  Meat Paella; Seafood Paella; Vegetarian Paella; Dessert:  Chocolate Brownie and ice cream.  Drinks Extra
Please book early to ensure a place by phoning Bess Harding on 020 8337 8181.  Tickets are £25 each.  Bookings will close on Friday, 19th November. Paco is renowned  for his paella’s which are delicious.  Why not come along and try them for yourself, bring a friend or two!

The Epsom Vegan Market – Sunday 28 November- Come along and visit the Vegan Market in Epsom 10:30am to 3:30pm. For information visit The #Epsom Vegan Market with @Eve_Vegan #VeganMarket on https://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/epsom-and-ewell/

Epsom Farmers Market –held on the 1st Sunday of each month in Epsom Market Place. Fresh local meat and produce. The market – which has been running for over 10 years, opens between 9:30am and 1:30pm – but the word has it that locals get there early to get their favourites before they sell out. The next market will be held on Sunday 5 December.


The Nonsuch Craft Group Annual Fair at Bourne Hall is on for 2 weeks from 16th to 27th November 2021. Tuesday to Friday – 9am to 5pm, Saturday 9am to 4.30pm (closed Sunday and Monday)

A wide selection of locally hand crafted items will be on sale including: pottery, wood turning, jewellery, knitting, crochet, embroidery, quilting, glassware, soft toys, jams and greetings cards. Perfect for unique Christmas gifts, open 9am to 5pm.

The Epsom Christmas tree lights will be switched on at a special event on Friday 26 November.

Go Epsom have made a very generous contribution to new festive lighting throughout the town centre, so this year there will be an extra dazzling display.

There will be live music, a funfair, contributions from local schools, a delicious array of street food and the chance to meet the cast of Beauty and the Beast, this year’s Epsom Playhouse pantomime(link is external).

Tattenham Corner Community Christmas @TattenhamXmas – Saturday 27th November – 4 to 6.30 pm

Christmas Tree Light Switch on and Mini Festive Market – Known as Tattenham Corner Community Christmas the event is a way of bringing our community together, but also a celebration of the local talents, skills and businesses. The 2021 TCC Christmas is being held on Saturday 27th November 4-6:30pm in the parade of shops at Tattenham Corner.

Our mini festive market will be filled with gift, craft and information stalls, fun and games, face painter and craft activities to do with the kids, performances by local choirs and lots lots more !!  AND OF COURSE   MUSIC !!!

Banstead Christmas Community Event – Thursday 2nd December – 5 to 8pm – Banstead High Street 

 On behalf of the Banstead Business Guild, With Father Christmas and helpers from The Banstead Rotary Club.

With an array of fantastic entertainment and amazing performances from local dance and singing groups. With High Street entertainment, plus shopping offers, prizes, and the best Christmas shop front competition. This is an event you don’t want to miss! A great community evening – Visit the local shops as they show off their Christmas wares. Join the fun with local choirs – live music – dancing and lots of Goodwill. This is a great evening with lots of people in the High Street and the local shops staying open to welcome you. The church in the High Street opens its grounds to local choirs and community groups – and of course lots of music and dancing.

Stoneleigh Broadway Christmas Trail – Saturday December 4th – 3 to 7pm

As the festive season beckons, we’re proud to be working with some of Stoneleigh Broadway’s traders to help put on a festive Christmas trail along Stoneleigh Broadway where there will be lots of different things happening at stops along the trail including;

Art K – Christmas arts and crafts sessions and Face Painting; Bodyfix – A game for children to play, involving Mr Bones, the skeleton, in the window; Stoneleigh Library – Craft fair, Storytimes and a Hamper raffle; Brilliant Bilinguals – Teaching people Christmas songs in Spanish; Red Christmas Pattern June 8 – Will be open for festive drinks and snacks – mulled wine has been mentioned!

Masons Bar – Meet Father Christmas and his elves – and many more.

4th Ewell (Nonsuch) Scouts Christmas Tree Sale @nonsuchtrees – Saturday 4th Decemberand future dates as below.

Hundreds of trees to choose from. We deliver, accept cards and you can buy online.

Sat 4th & Sun 5th Dec 9am to 4pm and Sat 11th & Sun 11th Dec 9am to 4pm

High quality trees to raise funds for scouting and local participating charities – 4th Ewell (Nonsuch) Scout Group, Nonsuch Hall, 1 Bluegates, London Road, Ewell KT17 2SA – AND YOU CAN ALSO ORDER ONLINE!

Visit and choose your own tree – but get there early – when the trees are gone the sale ends AND you can place your order ON-LINE at their website visit


Princess Alice Hospice – SANTA FUN RUN – LIVE EVENTS AT BUSHY PARK – Sunday 5th December and Sunday 12th December – OR whenever and wherever you want!

Launch yourself into the festive season by joining this year’s hybrid Santa Fun Run. This year you have a choice…choose one of our live events at Bushy Park, or a date and place that suits you to walk, jog, run, cycle, ski or even paddleboard this Christmas. Open to all ages and abilities, young or old, help us spread the Christmas spirit this year.  Our in-person Bushy Park Santa Fun Runs will be on Sunday 5 and 12 December 2021, however, if you choose to do your own virtual event you pick any date, time and place that suits you!

Bushy Park Santa Fun Run – Adults (16 and over): £25, Children (5-15): £10, Under 5s: FREE

Virtual Santa Fun Run;  Adults (16 and over): £7, Children (5-15): £5, Under 5s: FREE

 (They give you a list of recommended locations on the website)

For more info visit: https://www.pah.org.uk/santafunrun2021/

Christmas Memorial Service –  Friday 10 December at 11 am Epsom Cemetery Chapel, Downs Road
Epsom KT18 5JT

A service for those who wish to remember lost loved ones at this time of year. The service is not a traditional religious service, though there will be some familiar Christmas music.

Ashtead Choral Society – Carols For Charity – Saturday 11th December – 10am to 12:30pm

An annual morning of fun in the centre of Ashtead as the ACS gather to sing Christmas music and play “Carols Bingo!” Come and join the fun and raise money for Charity in the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, Ashtead.

The Children’s Trust Annual Christmas Concert is back!! Tuesday 14th December

The evening will feature glorious classical Christmas music, readings and carols at Holy Trinity Church in Guildford on Tuesday 14th December at 7:30pm. 

Hosted by The Children’s Trust ambassador, broadcaster and journalist Nicholas Owen. Performers on the night include ‘The London Soprano’ Joanne McGahon, Stage Debut best actor award winner Sam Thomas, Royal Academy of Music pianist Kasparas Mikuzis and St Catherine’s School Major Choir will also perform.  

We are offering early bird tickets with 25% off until the 14th of Novemberwith the code Early25 to buy yours today click here: https://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/events/christmas-concert-0

And Finally!

Project Wenceslas: helping local people with support

to pay fuel bills this winter

Rotary Club of Ewell and Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell are working together to bring ‘Project Wenceslas’ to our Borough for the fifth year running. There are people who will struggle to meet the cost of fuel to heat their homes over winter. Project Wenceslas allows those who receive, but do not need, the Government’s Winter Fuel Payment to donate it to Ewell Rotary. This money will be distributed to people in critical need of assistance with fuel bills, i.e. those in “fuel poverty”. All monies donated are redistributed 100% without any deductions for costs or expenses.

If you would like to know more about donating your Winter Fuel Payment, please contact Ewell Rotary via their website www.ewellrotaryclub.org.uk where you can also find more information about this scheme.

If you are struggling with fuel bills, then contact Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell on 0808 278 7963 (Mon-Fri, 10am – 4pm) or see our website : www.caee.org.uk

For information on support through this scheme, call

Citizens Advice on 0808 278 7963 or visit our website www.caee.org.uk

Web sitedo visit this – www.ewelldownsra.org. I am sure some of you must have some local photos to put on this!

Facebookour page is being well visited. Go and use this to make comments or display pictures of the area.

Twitter – this is quite active with many followers of Ewelldownsra.

Don’t forget this on Sunday 21 November!

About ewelldownsra

AEDR seeks to protect and enhance the interests of residents. Our primary concerns centre on planning, traffic, security and other topics which directly affect our area.
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