Ewell Downs News Bulletin – May 2019


This Bulletin gives an update of many different aspects of local issues and events.

One of the tasks at the AGM was to elect the Resident Association’s prospective candidates. Our area comprises two wards and we therefore had six candidates, Clive Woodbridge, Humphrey Reynolds and Christine Cleveland for Ewell Ward and Chris Frost, Colin Keane and Christine Howells for Nonsuch Ward. Each of these gave a short presentation on their aims and achievements at the AGM and were subsequently elected by a show of hands to represent us. On Thursday 2 May they succeeded in their ambitions and were all elected to serve as our Councillors. Thank you to everyone who went along on the day and voted for them. We hope to continue having the support we have had from our Councillors in the past at all our future committee meetings. A great deal of vital information is gleaned at these meetings which we can then pass on to you – the residents of Ewell Downs. For your information the tables below show the results across the Borough.


The updated email addresses for our ward Councillors are shown at the end of this bulletin.

Thank you also to those who have already paid their subscriptions for 2019. On line banking seems a favoured way of doing this and I have been working with a resident who has kindly given her time to make sure that a) we are recording email addresses correctly for those wishing to receive our bulletin and b) listing how these subscriptions are paid so that road stewards have a complete picture. Our expenses seem to be ever increasing and we are seeking ways of increasing our income and reducing these. These will be detailed in our Autumn Newsletter.

We are continuing to press for information on the Council’s approach to the housing target set for Epsom & Ewell of 579 dwellings per year for the next twenty years. This includes the timetable for the submission of report to the Secretary of State by the end of December this year and the review and public consultation before this. There have been changes to the members of committees with the local election, hence nothing definite to report as yet.

We are also pressing for further information on the link between the Local Plan and Dandara Strategic Land Management, particularly regarding the quote on Dandara’s web site – “Project: Downs Farm” “This 110 acre Greenbelt site is being promoted jointly by Dandara and the landowners through the Local Plan process with a view of securing a residential led allocation.” Any information you may have in this connection would be of great import. We anticipate that there will, in due course, be a planning application in relation to this which will be fiercely opposed. Please keep your eyes and ears open and let us know if there is anything to report so we can take appropriate action.

Following on with the Heathrow issue raised at the AGM and the additional pollution that any proposed increase in air traffic would bring, do you know what your carbon footprint is? There are many sites that can tell you this – such as www.carbonfootprint.com or www.footprint.wwf.org.uk. Should your carbon footprint be higher than you would like, projects with the woodland trust and the forestry commission would support the planting of broad leaf trees would be something you could support. We are investigating whether something local could be supported with tree planting.

Planning Items

Backland development between Higher Green and Links Road – (19/00354/FUL) – the new application for the erection of 4 new dwellings and associated access, landscaping and parking has been received. The original plans for this were refused and AEDR made a major contribution to preventing a successful appeal by the Applicant. We shall be working with the residents to oppose this.

The Kings Arms pub in East Street – (18/00315/FUL) – This application has been permitted. The existing building will be demolished and replaced with two 4 storey buildings comprising a total of 21 flats.

Lidl – 65 London Road – (18/00573/FUL) – The application for a supermarket development on the site was refused in February. There is no news as yet on the status of any possible appeal.

Nonsuch Mansion – (18/01309/FUL) – An application for change of use from offices to  provide sleeping accommodation was approved at April planning committee.

South Hatch Stables – ( 18/00308/FUL) – the application for the demolition of the existing Racehorse Training Establishment (RTE) and the erection of a new RTE comprising of a main yard stable complex and facilities enabling residential development comprising 47 apartments is causing great controversy and there have been many objections. A decision is still pending but it is likely to come before planning committee in June.

Langley Vale Memorial Woodland – creation of a permanent car park with facilities etc and erection of visitors’ centre and associated infrastructure in relation to Langley Vale Wood – this is under negotiation with related boroughs, namely Mole Valley and Reigate and Banstead. This remains ongoing.

Mill Road – (18/00271/FUL) – the application for residential development comprising of 31 units with associated landscaping, parking and external works was approved in April, subject to a lengthy set of conditions.

Police Station site in Church Street – (17/01586/FUL) application for the demolition of the former police station, and the erection of two residential blocks comprising a total of 29 residential units (11x1bed, 14 x2 bed and 4×3 bed), with associated car parking and landscaping. As a major planning application, this went to Committee in March and was approved.

Old Mill, Old Malden Lane Worcester Park – (18/01430/FUL) application for the demolition of existing buildings, and erection of 80 new dwellings with access, associated parking and landscaping works. This application will be decided by planning committee on May 30th, with officers recommending approval.

12 Longdown Lane North (18/01055/FUL) – the amended plan for an enlarged footprint was approved.

Lower Mill Ewell – (18/00865/LBA) – the application for demolition of existing office building and redevelopment to provide 53 extra-care apartments with associated facilities (within Class C2), was permitted.

Land at Epsom and Ewell High School, Ruxley Lane, West Ewell – (18/01360/FUL) a major planning application for the demolition of existing classroom buildings, MUGA and sports hall; and construction of a two storey classroom block, 3G Full Size AGP Pitch, compact athletics facility, Hockey Plus AGP, sports pavilion, sports hall, grass surface pitches, grounds maintenance compound, footbridge, fencing, floodlights and associated ground works, construction of new car park and access for school sports facilities; and erection of 161 dwellings including associated parking, landscaping, open space and infrastructure works. Do go and look at this one – many comments and objections. This awaits a decision as a major development.

Nescot issues

Roundabout – we are obviously going to have to contact the College again as the dandelions which were smothered by bark have taken over.


Town Centre – work continues on the market place. We published a detailed program of the work in our last bulletin so here is an artist’s impression of what it will look like when everything is done.plan_market

The Surrey web site advises:

Upcoming work

Paving outside shops (from Lakeland to Boots). Access to properties and businesses will be maintained at all times. Works to repave up to shop doors will be undertaken at night.

Some of the fencing and barriers around the Clock Tower will be removed and the area opened for public use

We will continue to monitor the extent of the lane closure on High Street, and where possible reduce the length of the closure to help deal with traffic delays.

Recently completed work

  • Sections of new paving have been completed

  • ‘Time capsule’ stone lifted and sent for refurbishment

  • Richmond cattle trough lifted and sent for cleaning – this will resituated during phase 2

  • Market Place site clearance

  • Demolished the planter outside Weatherspoon’s to provide extra temporary market space

  • Erected bollards to control access to the Market Place, this will monitored for any unauthorised access/safety issues”

We would comment that whilst the traffic flow through the market area is better, there are long queues of traffic which build up along the Dorking Road coming into Epsom. We are asking if this could be eased by changing the phasing of the traffic lights at the Playhouse junction to allow greater time for this traffic to go through.

Full details of the work are available at epsom-and-ewell-major-transport-schemes.

Yellow lines – the consultation for yellow lines continues and will close at the end of May 2019 so if you have any recommendations go to parking-controls-request-epsom-and-ewell-march-201. We have had a meeting with the new Resident Councillor for College Ward – Nigel Collin – about the recommendation of double yellow lines opposite the Wallace Fields Infant School parking area to stop the almost double parking on drop off and pick up times. Nigel felt that in addition to this, there was scope for some reworking certain areas which would allow for extra parking for teachers and contribute to the safer drop off of children to the school. We will report further on this as Nigel Collin will be discussing teacher parking with the school to seek their views and support

Epsom Hospital Rowan House has been sold to Legal & General for in excess of £15 million. This is the communication from Trevor Fitzgerald Director of Estates and Facilities of NHS Trust:

Legal & General’s Proposition

Legal & General will be starting their planning process and consulting with local residents and stakeholders in the coming months:

unique later living community for the over 65s

delivers on the commitment to sell the land for a social care use rather than just pure residential housing

additional age-specific housing for this country’s ageing (with a hospital on the doorstep should they ever need us)

additional facilities – all subject to planning permission – which will likely include a nursery, a wellness centre and ancillary retail opportunities

the ability should we need it for the NHS to access some of the accommodation

Importantly, this will be an extension of the Epsom community rather than a closed off development, and will benefit local residents and our staff as well as support around 50 new jobs.”

There is however nothing definite about the way the funds are to be spent and the worrying factor is the comment in the communication that “A commissioner-led review confirmed that after the sale of this land the space requirements could be met for the option of building a new acute facility and additional parking at Epsom Hospital if selected as the preferred option.!” Councillors will resist any attempt to use the funds raised for anything except Epsom Hospital and not diverted to support St Helier. For a report on the long term future of Epsom Hospital go to the-long-term-future-of-epsom-and-st-helier-hospitals-2377.

This is the planned layout of the site that has been sold:


Future 40 – the questionnaire forms the second stage of consultation for Future40, the work to develop a long-term vision for Epsom and Ewell. Over the last few months, E&EBC has been engaging with and listening to local residents, businesses and visitors across the borough – they have collected some really valuable feedback. The next step is to explore some of the emerging themes in more detail to properly understand how they could contribute to making Epsom and Ewell an even more attractive and successful place to live, work and study in the future. Residents are invited to join in the discussion and share their views on the Borough’s long-term vision at future40.org. It’s important to have your say.

Changes to charging at Epsom Recycling Centre Blenheim Road

New Charges for Domestic Waste Disposal

From Monday 3rd June SCC is introducing new charges to dispose of construction wood waste and roofing felt at the Epsom Recycling Centre. The charges are for wood waste which is from the construction, alteration or repair of your home and garden, such as doors, fence posts and panels, fitted cupboards and work surfaces, flooring, decking and sheds. There are no charges for stand-alone wooden furniture such as tables, chairs and shelves that you would take with you if you moved home.

There are already charges for materials like plasterboard, bricks, rubble, ceramic bathroom fittings, tiles and tyres from motor vehicles, but we are concerned these new charges may well lead to an increase in fly-tipping.

These new charges are listed below:-

Wood from a shed or other wooden garden structure, doors, floor boards and joists, laminate flooring, decking, built in furniture such as wardrobes and kitchen cupboards, worktops, and wooden fence panels and posts.

*Charges for wood will come into effect from 03 Jun 2019

Single item


1 bag or part bag (bags no bigger than 50cm x 77cm)


Loose car load


*Roofing felt

*Charges for roofing felt will come into effect from 03 Jun 2019

In a bag (bags no bigger than 50cm x 77cm), loose or in a roll


For further details visit waste-and-recycling

From our Surrey County Councillor

Reigate Road improvement – I have requested that some of the broken posts along the Nescot side of the Reigate Road be replaced using some of my personal allowance. This has turned out not to be a nightmare as the original posts were set into a concrete track. This has meant that the new posts have had to be set further into the verge avoiding the track. Given the costs of replacing a few posts and looking towards the future, I have spoken with both the Highways engineer and parking manager and both agree that a more robust, cost effective way of managing the issue is to double yellow the Reigate Road from Nescot to the Drift Bridge roundabout. 

This will stop verge parking without the need for future posts which I would not be able to guarantee funding for going forward. It should also future proof any other type of development that the Reigate Road may be subject to in years to come. I will be putting in a request on this year’s parking review ( end of May) meaning the lines will not be on the ground till around spring 2020. Given the other side of the road is predominantly residential I wanted to get a feel from you on including that side of the road as well. I have noticed that vehicles are now parking on the footway and on the grass sections which has started  to kill the grass and is spoiling the look and makeup of the road.

Local Highway Funding Cuts

SCC has confirmed the cut to local highways funding which is, in part, based on population size. Epsom and Ewell is the smallest borough in Surrey and sees the biggest cut in funding. SCC itself has argued for years that National Government funding for highways should be based on road usage, not road length or geography, yet it refuses to use road usage for its own local distribution of highway funds. Epsom and Ewell is the smallest borough in Surrey, but its roads are some of the most heavily used in the County.

We will continue to press the case for a change in this policy and a fairer distribution of spending by SCC on our local roads.

SCC By-Election victory for Independent

During the recent election there was a SCC by-election in Haslemere where the independent took the seat from the Conservatives, winning by 2665 votes to 1159. That takes the Residents’ Association/Independent Group at SCC to eleven and we are now the largest opposition group on the Council.

Local Events

May Bank Holiday Special


Investec Derby Festival

Investec Derby Festival 2019 is, without a doubt, the greatest Flat race in the world. The Investec Derby Festival will begin on 31st May 2019 at Epsom Downs Racecourse, with the first event being the popular Ladies’ Day, where highly fashionable men and women compete for the Style Award. Epsom Investec Derby date is 1st June. Derby Day features seven races, including the infamous Greatest Flat Race in the World.


Age Concern Epsom & Ewell


We are taking over Tamarind Spice, West Ewell for a Charity Curry Night on

Tuesday 25th June 2019 @ 7.15pm

£20pp includes popadoms, starter, main course, sides and sundries*

Great indian and bengali food served with fabulous service

Will you join us for a Tuesday Night Curry??


*excludes drinks, desert and coffee

Tamarind Spice, 234 Chessington Road, West Ewell  KT19 9XF

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL BEVERLEY ON 01372 732 451 or email bev.worsley@ageconcernepsom.org.uk




For retired and semi-retired

Professional and Business men

Why not come and join us?

We meet 1st Wednesday of the month
at Banstead Golf Club for lunch and talks

Meeting like members

Biannual Ladies’ Lunch (May & December)

Charity donation

Monthly raffle

Various visits and trips

For further information contact the Secretary


or via our web site: www.ewellprobus.org

All are welcome

Tropical Creepy Crawly Roadshow at Denbies Wine Estate – May 28 – 11.30am and 2.30pm

Meet Snakes, Lizards, Mini-Beasts and Frogs for an inspiring Animal Encounter.

£7.50 per child / Accompanying adults free of charge


Hogsmill River Summer Stroll


Take a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll with a member of the EEBC Countryside Team along the Hogsmill River. Discover the fascinating history of a river that once powered gun powder mills and was the haunt of the Pre-Raphaelite painters. Meet at Ewell Court House at 2 p.m. No booking required. Please wear appropriate clothing. Stout boots and a raincoat if it’s wet. Dogs are welcome on a lead. Walks may be subject to cancellation due to poor weather conditions.

Date: Sun, 02/06/2019 Time: 14:00 to 16:30 Cost:  £5 per adult, £2.50 per child (16 years or under)

Contact name: Stewart Cocker Telephone: +44 1372 732473 Contact email: scocker@epsom-ewell.gov.uk

Venue: Hogsmill Local Nature Reserve KT19 0EB

Epsom & Ewell Brass Band Summer Concert

Come and see the London & Southern Counties 2nd section champion brass band at our annual summer concert, held again at the wonderful Old Moat Garden Centre


Silent Pool Distillery


The Epsom Riot and the Death of Police Sergeant Thomas Green exhibition and talk

Date: Mon, 17/06/2019 Time: 13:30 to 21:00 Cost: Free

Contact name: David Brooks Telephone: +44 20 8394 1734Contact email:


Venue: Methodist Church, Ashley Road, Epsom, KT18 5AQ

13.30pm onwards. Exhibition of items presented by Lord Rosebery to the police officers defending the station, other items presented to Inspector Pawley and his family, Thomas Green’s medals (on show for the first time), evidence photos of the riot and postcards of Thomas Green’s funeral.

13.30pm to 14.30. Talks for local schools 7.30pm. Public talks on the events of that day, with a chance to meet Thomas Green’s great-grandson.


Web sitedo visit this – www.ewelldownsra.org. I am sure some of you must have some local photos to put on this!

Facebookour page is being well visited. Go and use this to make comments or display pictures of the area.

Twitter this is quite active with many followers of Ewelldownsra.

Happy May Day Holiday


About ewelldownsra

AEDR seeks to protect and enhance the interests of residents. Our primary concerns centre on planning, traffic, security and other topics which directly affect our area.
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