Ewell Downs News Bulletin – Nov 2017






You will soon all be receiving your newsletter from your Road Reps so I will not use this bulletin to repeat any of the information but there is one matter that has been brought to our attention that needs to be publicised so that anyone who has suggestions to make can come forward.

Drug Dealing close to Nescot

Several residents living on St Normans Way, just the other side of the Sycamore Gardens development have been in touch.

They have reported some very disturbing news that drug dealing is blatantly taking place along the pathway which leads from Ewell East railway station to Nescot College.  One of the residents taking an active role has photographic evidence and contacted Nescot to be told that this has been an on-going concern which seems to have escalated this year. The normal timings are at lunchtime between 12: 15 and 13:15. The resident met personally with Carol Martin, the vice principal, and had assurances that she will seek to address the problem. However her reply, following the meeting, was as follows:

“We have expelled so many students this term if we do more we are at risk of losing funding.

When approached about the rubbish build up and possibly helping clear up mess in the community, one staff member commented “it would be a fine thing, we can’t even get them to clean up on campus let alone outside”

When a security guard was approached he insisted he had no jurisdiction outside college property;

Regarding sniffer dogs they are unavailable due to cost”

Not only are they doing drugs but they have also vandalised the fence, of another resident with graffiti and a photo of this is attached.

Whether they are Nescot students or not it is quite evident by firstly their name badges around their necks with Nescot student emblazoned on them, then the fact that it is Mon-Fri 11:30 -13:20 when the incidents happen, which coincides with their break. It does not occur at weekend or generally outside those times.  The police have been informed on many occasions but have taken no action.

News of what has been happening has been publicised to all other Resident Associations and at a meeting of the Ewell Residents their County Councillor offered an alarming analysis – a summary of which follows:

“To recover its recent significant investment, and because of its excellent reputation, Nescot is substantially expanding its student numbers.  It is now taking students from far beyond the local catchment area including from right across London.  Many of these students have grown up in the very-different London environment of behaviour and crime including violence, drug-taking, graffiti, litter and other criminal and anti-social behaviour.  In the classroom now a disagreement can quickly develop into books being thrown around which is behaviour Nescot has to challenge.  Nescot says it has no responsibility for its students’ behaviour outside its fences.  The location of drug dens is well-known to students and when I reported this to senior local Police Officers but nothing appears to have been done about it, despite a meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner”

Generally, throughout the Ewell area, there seems to be little or no police presence despite reports of crimes comprising thefts, road traffic incidents, graffiti and drug taking and, to add to the catalogue, a female member of staff at the co-op nearest to Ewell West railway station, was forced to hand over £2,000 of takings at knife-point.

This is concerning for a number of reasons; firstly there are many young school children that walk along there and could be intimidated, secondly many of these drug takers are subsequently going back to college and operating machinery or dealing with the general public, thirdly due to the numbers of students it suggests there is possibly some drug dealing going in order for them to source it. If all residents could be vigilant and record and report all incidents to the police and/or the college we shall seek to eradicate this scourge on our community.

All of our local councillors have been involved and are coming forward with some very encouraging suggestions on how to take this forward and we are grateful to them.  One councillor has visited the site and photographed the offensive graffiti. He will arrange for this to be cleaned off when all this has been sorted out – as requested by the resident whose fence it is – and others are raising the matter with both their contacts at Nescot and the police.  We hope that their interventions will result in some positive action.

Another option that Nescot could consider is to close the side entrances to the college after admittance hours in the morning. This would make the area a little less local for the students in the time limits of their breaks. You could say this would push the problem elsewhere but the area towards the front of the college is not as private and convenient for dealing and openly taking drugs. It would at least be worth experimenting with.

We shall also be liaising with our contact at the Sycamore Gardens development site for their support as they will soon open the pedestrian entrance which is close on the opposite side and are sure that they do not want this despoliation close to their development.

The daily incidents of drug dealing on our doorstep paints an alarming picture and we would be interested in your thoughts and suggestions on what can be done.

The atrocious mess and graffiti on a resident’s fence is shown below.


Keeping in touch – this bulletin is distributed to all those who have provided email addresses.  The return of email addresses on the subscription envelopes has increased numbers dramatically! I hope everyone finds this flow of information useful and thank those who have commented in an appreciative way. Please pass this information on to any resident who may find it useful and ask them to let us have their email address so we can keep them in the loop.

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AEDR seeks to protect and enhance the interests of residents. Our primary concerns centre on planning, traffic, security and other topics which directly affect our area.
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