Ewell Downs News Bulletin No. 8

This Bulletin is principally to remind you of our AGM, to update you on the recycling changes which will affect Blenheim Road and traffic chaos which will be occasioned by road works in the area.

AGM – this takes place on Tuesday 15 March at Nescot at 7.30 pm in the Staff Lounge. Our speaker this year is Jon Sharpe, the Council’s Transport and Waste Services Manager. His presence may be “fortuitous” for us – maybe not for him! – in view of the information which follows about “the dump”.   John tells me that he will be keen to get comments and feedback from residents, so come along and join us – refreshments i.e. a glass of wine or a coffee/tea will be served from 7.10 pm.

Changes to recycling at Blenheim Road We have received the following information from Surrey County Council: The upcoming changes to our community recycling centres (CRCs) were agreed by Cabinet in November in response to the need to reduce costs.

From 1 April there will be a slight reduction in opening hours, five CRCs (not Blenheim Road) will be closed for one or two days a week and the following types of waste materials (plasterboard, rubble, refillable gas bottles and tyres) will only be accepted at eight of our CRCs. The other seven CRCs will no longer be able to accept these types of waste.

In the early summer of 2016 we will be introducing a charging system for these materials at these 8 sites. Once the charging system is introduced there will be a free allowance of one 25kg bag of rubble per visitor per day. Please note there will be no free allowance for tyres, refillable gas bottles and plasterboard. Additional communications will take place nearer the time once the charging system and prices have been decided.

The leaflet published on the Surrey website, which is summarised here, has full details of the changes. From 1 March, in advance of the start of the changes the leaflet will be given out at all CRCs, and will also be available in other locations including council offices and libraries. Details will also be available from 1 March on our website


Changes that will affect your local centre from 1 April 2016

Increased demand for essential services, coupled with reduced

government funding, means Surrey County Council needs to reduce its spending in other areas. So from 1 April 2016, changes will be introduced at Surrey’s 15 community recycling centres (CRCs) that will enable the council to make critical savings while still maintaining a comprehensive service for residents.

The changes were decided after residents were given the opportunity to feed back their thoughts on a range of cost saving options. As a result the opening hours will be slightly reduced at all centres and some will close for a day or two a week. All of these changes will be at the least busy times. There will also be charges introduced for non-household waste, and reuse stores will be opened at recycling centres where there is space. Alongside this there will be increased enforcement of the existing schemes to check that users live in Surrey and have a van permit where appropriate.

Opening hours

All CRCs will operate slightly reduced hours which will be the same all year round

Weekdays: 8am-4pm

Weekends: 9am-4pm

CRC Day(s) closed Alternative site(s)

Opening days

Ten centres will continue to open seven days a week.

The remaining five (shown below) will close on one or two days:

Bond Road, Warlingham; Ranmore Road, Dorking; Chaldon Road, Caterham; Elmbridge Road, Cranleigh; Bourne Mill, Farnham.

Non-household waste

From 1 April 2016 non-household waste (plasterboard, refillable gas bottles, tyres and large amounts of rubble) will only be accepted at eight CRCs:

The eight sites include

Blenheim Road, Epsom, KT19 9DL; Randalls Road, Leatherhead, KT22 0BA

Charges are also being introduced for this type of waste, but there will be a free allowance of one 25kg bag of rubble per day. The charging will start as soon as possible after 1 April once costs have been confirmed and the payment mechanism is in place. This will be a cashless system with payment by card only.

Resident ID scheme

You may be asked to prove you are a Surrey resident at some of our CRCs. This is because our CRCs are provided for and paid for by Surrey residents. By requesting identification we can ensure that only Surrey residents are using them for free.

Van permit scheme

If you drive a van, pick-up or pull a trailer you need to apply for a van permit to bring your vehicle to any CRC in Surrey. That way we can make sure the sites are only used for household and not commercial waste. The current scheme is being updated and existing permit holders will need to reapply for a permit. It’s anticipated that the revised scheme will be introduced from 1 April 2016 and further information will be provided in advance. In addition, you cannot bring construction waste to the sites in vans, pick-ups or trailers. Instead take it to any of our four transfer stations in Shepperton, Guildford, Epsom or Leatherhead where it can be weighed and paid for.

For further information and updates visit surreycc.gov.uk/recycling

or call 03456 009 009

Nescot development site– We may have news on the road names for the new development which we can announce at the AGM – watch this space.

We have chased up the developers about traffic chaos caused by their lorries and hope that this has resulted in some positives. According to the Surrey County Council representative, the contractor has agreed to make sure these problems do not arise in the future. Please let us know if they do.

The development web site is www.circlehillnescot.co.uk if you wish to make any comments direct.

Reigate Road – Nescot Roundabout – We have had lots of comments on the fencing that has been put up on the slip road to the roundabout – none of them good. We took this matter up with Surrey County Council and this is their reply:

I have been told that the stage 3 safety audit (post construction) highlighted a few issues. One was the slip road and it was recommended that some form of screening is installed to prevent motorists think it was the through road. Planting and landscaping was recommended in the long term, which will be done by Nescot, but the screening has been installed as a temporary measure. I had a look at it this morning and I think it is effective. I don’t think we have an on-going problem with vehicles mistaking the slip road and driving straight over the verge. We are aware it happened once when the roundabout was first introduced, but considering how many vehicles use Reigate Road every day I don’t think we would consider this a major concern.” We wait to see!

Traffic on East Street – Chuters Grove residents are extremely active in pursuing traffic violations on their road and both our Surrey County Councillor and our Borough Councillors are keeping the pressure up to get the remaining work completed and stop the parking on area by the shops on East Street which is constantly holding up traffic.

Proposed site for Aldi Supermarket on Old Dairy Site – The number of objections has increased. Many of you will know that Lidl informally announced its plans for a “medium-sized foodstore” to be built in Upper High Street, Epsom, in an objection to rival chain Aldi’s application for the old Dairy Crest site just metres away. Because of legal and technical matters still outstanding and unresolved in time for the March meeting it was not on that agenda and rolls on to anticipated  April 7th meeting at 7.30 pm.


Planned utility works in the area

Upper High Street, Epsom; works are in progress near the car park. This is to enable Thames Water to repair a leak. The traffic management will be by means of temporary traffic signals. We have requested extended hours working and manual operation of the lights at peak hours.

Alexandra Road, Epsom; works are planned for the 21st of March until the 23rd March. This is to enable Thames Water to re-pack a valve. The traffic management will be by means of temporary traffic signals. We have requested manual operation of the lights at peak times.

Bridge Road, Epsom; works are planned for the 15th of March until the 18th of March. This is to enable Thames Water to provide a new supply. The traffic management will be by means of temporary traffic signals. We have requested manual operation of the lights at peak times.

Church Street, Epsom; works are planned for the 15th of March until the 17th of March. This is to enable Thames Water to undertake a repair. The traffic management will be by means of a closure of Depot Road whilst maintaining two way traffic on Church Street on a reduced width.

Ewell By Pass, Ewell; works are proposed for the 29th of February until the 29th March. This is to enable Hobart Paving to construct a new manhole in the carriageway and provide a new sewer for the new development by means of thrust boring; this means there will be no opening of the carriageway above the pipe, reducing the duration & protecting the new road surface. The traffic management will be by means of lane closure and a reduced speed limit. The closure should be confined to the slip lane for the left turn towards NESCOT, and by applying the reduced speed limit smaller sideways clearances can be used which means the two through lanes will be retained.

Reigate Road, Ewell; works are planned for the 25th January until the 24th March. This is to enable Hobart Paving to construct a new manhole on the roundabout junction by the Esso petrol station. The traffic management does not involve any carriageway incursion; they have, in effect, “set up camp” on the central island of the roundabout. The construction has unfortunately required the removal of the existing tree on the roundabout and the contractors are aware of the requirement to replace it and any disturbed daffodil bulbs when the works are complete.

Surrey Wildlife reserve at Priest Hill – work parties are scheduled for Wednesday 23 March. If you would like to help with the site management please contact the ranger; rachael.thornley@surreywt.org.uk; no experience necessary just enthusiasm!

Ewell Village shops – Wild’s Lounge and The Star – we hope for news at the AGM.

Land at North Looe – Surrey County Council are reviewing the development of 2 large old derelict greenhouses and a further breeze block and corrugated steel clad and roofed building – matters are progressing and we hope to advise further on this at a later stage – maybe even at the AGM.

Epsom and Ewell Town Twinning Association – there is a Wine and Cheese on Thursday 17 March. Further details are on their web site – http://www.epsomtwinning.com.

Condolences – you may have seen the very sad news published in the Guardian of the death of a young girl on The Green last week. Flowers will be sent on behalf of all the residents to the family who live locally at the appropriate time.

Keeping in touch – this bulletin is distributed to all those who have provided email addresses. Please pass this information on to any resident who may find it useful and ask them to let us have their email address so we can keep them in the loop.

Web site – do visit this – www.ewelldownsra.org. We would especially love some photos to add to this.

Facebook – 40 people have now visited our Facebook page and “liked” us. Do go and use this to put comments or pictures of the area on.

Twitter – this is quite active with 50 followers of Ewelldownsra.

Comments and news reports – please use this as a two-way instrument and let us know if there is anything you wish to report or comment on.

Subscriptions – if any of you have yet to pay the annual subscription, please do so as soon as possible. A bank mandate and details for online banking are being published in the AGM Notice. Please let us have your views on this.

AEDR Committee


About ewelldownsra

AEDR seeks to protect and enhance the interests of residents. Our primary concerns centre on planning, traffic, security and other topics which directly affect our area.
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