Ewell Downs News Bulletin No 2 – May 2015

Firstly, following the local elections, I confirm that our six election candidates were all re-elected to serve on the Council on our behalf.  The Residents Associations have done well throughout the borough.  There are 38 seats on the Borough Council.  Prior to the election, the Residents Associations held 26 of those seats.  After the election the RAs hold 31 of the 38 seats. 

Now that this is behind us, if there are any concerns that our Councillors can help with, please let us know as they regularly attend our committee meetings.

You may like to know that one of our elected Councillors, Chris Frost, has also been elected as Mayor. We congratulate him!

Nescot – Please find below an extract from the Design and Access Statement issued with the planning application which provides details of the site layout and the main changes adopted to the previous scheme, the revised plan has been lodged with the Planning Department under reference 15/00098/FUL and we await a date for this to go to the planning committee. We are relieved to report that there is no change to the number of houses – still 91. In due course we will be arranging a full meeting with The Goodman Group and Circle Hill and Nescot.  The Chairs of Ewell Downs, Nonsuch, Howell Hill and Ewell will keep in touch, particularly regarding the development and construction of the new roundabout and any other aspects relating to Nescot so we can keep you informed.

Nescot Archaeological Survey – This is continuing at the site – you will no doubt have noticed the mountains of soil. We have been advised that there will be an exhibition to display the items that have been found on the site.

Concerns regarding future developments on Reigate Road – Some residents living close to the development site have been approached by Churchill – builders from Chertsey. We understand that these residents have received letters asking them to sell their houses to them in order to bulldoze them and replace them with retirement flats. So far letters have been sent to three houses but we believe they are interested in the area between Beech Walk and St. James Avenue as one block. We have made our Councillors aware of this.

Reigate Road Traffic disruption – Traffic lights are controlling traffic and delays are likely. Work started on 23 May and will continue until 30 May. Southern Gas Networks are laying a new service to the skills park, Nescot College. These are the additional works which it was hoped could have taken place during the last school holiday period, which unfortunately could not be completed. Avoid this area as much as you can.

Drains – Reigate Road and College Road – It seems that following a good downpour of rain to test the work to prevent flooding, the measures taken have been successful and the flooding has been sorted.

Road works in the Borough – Kingston Road, Ewell; E & E BC have a deep cleanse of the street and central reservation starting on 25th May with a planned completion date of the 29th May. Traffic management will consist of a lane closure between 9.30 & 16.00.

High Street, Ewell – not strictly street works, however there is a planned closure of the High Street on Saturday 11th July for the traditional Morris Dancing event. This is the date of the Ewell Village fair which offers a full day out for the whole family. Details of this year’s fair will appear on the website www.stmarysewell.com so watch this space!

Link for road works – look at the Surrey County Council website “Roadworks in my area” for a map which shows when and where road works are taking place in Surrey. You can register to receive email alerts about road works by selecting the ‘Alerts and search’ button in the map menu.

New roundabout on Reigate Road – there is no news on this as yet. Work is subject to agreement with Surrey Highways although planned to be done during July, August and September this year.

Accommodation for 77 students on Mill Road – 14/01784/FUL the planning application for 77 student homes on the railway cutting land in Mill Road shows approximately 100 objections.  The web site shows an amended proposed site plan and a PDF of this is is on the link below. Please go and voice your opposition on the Council web site to protect the area.

Traffic on East Street – this problem was highlighted in our first news bulletin and relates to the traffic chaos at the right turn into Kiln Lane caused due either to parked vehicles by the shops, the bollards restricting the queue waiting to turn right etc. As a reminder the following action is proposed.

  • the footway surface will be strengthened and half-on the footway (approximately 1.5m)  half-on the road parking spaces (allowing parking for 4 standard sized vehicles) will be introduced in front of the shops, instead of the current 2 parking spaces in the gap in the double yellow lines.

  • these will be short term parking spaces (20 min or 30 min).

  • bollards will be used to prevent parking on the footway (outside the parking cage)

  • the pedestrian central refuge island will be removed soon. The removal of the island will allow a much longer dedicated lane turning into Kiln Lane.

I have contacted Stella Lallement, SCC Councillor for Epsom West, who advises that the decision was that everything would be done within one year. She is getting an update from Highways officers and then will get back to us.

Backland between Links Road and Higher Green – please will close residents keep an eye open as it seems that there has been some felling of some trees by the owners of the backland? Its removal may well have been dictated by the need to create more light in any resubmitted application.

Nescot’s rehoming cattery – 20 months ago an initiative was launched for a rehoming centre for cats. Staff and Animal Studies students working at the cattery, which is run in association with Blue Cross pet charity, have cared for and rehomed 36 cats and now have new premises in the redeveloped Animal Care Unit (ACU).

Longdown Lane North – thank you to the resident who picked up a van load of litter from this road and cleared mud from the edges of the kerbs! Can we all please pick up litter that is dropped by uncaring people as they pass through the area. It would be much appreciated.

Unsafe parking – For the last two or three years a van belonging to the owner of a house in The Green is regularly parked in the Higher Green area and, in particular, outside Wallace Fields School. Recently this van was dumped outside a property on Higher Green for three days, partially blocking the road.

A letter has been sent to the Chair of The Green Committee pointing out that there are several vans regularly parked on The Green requesting assistance to resolve this issue. We await a response.

Residents of Higher Green do not see why they should provide parking space for this van when his property has space for at least five vehicles.

We shall also be speaking to the owner of the house opposite the entrance to Ewell Downs Road to see if something can be done about the cars that are parked on this stretch of road. This is a blind corner and it is a wonder that there has not been a serious accident.

Keeping in touch – this bulletin is distributed to all those who have provided email addresses. Please pass this information on to any resident who may find it useful and ask them to let us have their email address to we can keep them in the loop.

Web site – do visit this – ewelldownsra.org.

Comments and news reports – please use this as a two-way instrument and let us know if there is anything you wish to report or comment on.

AEDR Committee

Links to PDF files are below

Design and Access Statement-12

Mill Road


About ewelldownsra

AEDR seeks to protect and enhance the interests of residents. Our primary concerns centre on planning, traffic, security and other topics which directly affect our area.
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